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Somewhere between unconventional beauty and total blackness, THIS WILL DESTROY YOU has been making remarkable journeys in sound for the best part of a decade. From the band’s debut release, Young Mountain, in 2005 on Virginia’s Magic Bullet Records, the Texas 4-piece, has gone on to receive critical acclaim for its subsequent releases, not to mention various international film, television, web, and video syncs. Even the Pentagon has tipped its cap to the band when it used two songs in a soundtrack to draw awareness to New Orleans’ catastrophic Hurricane Katrina.

Having toured extensively throughout the US, the UK and Europe for many years, the band has seen line up changes, relationships fail, family and friends either drift or pass away, and ‘home’ become a far more abstract concept than ever before.

Glacially-paced, yet somehow violent and eruptive THIS WILL DESTROY YOU is a band at its strongest, most intense, most creative stage yet.

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